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  • Exeter Investment Association
    The terms portfolio, bear market, technical analysis and dividend: you used to hear them every day on your parents’ TV
  • trendwatch
    Hello Fashionable friends, With the term quickly coming to a close, we know it can be tempting to slip into legging-swea
  • D-Hall Recipés
    The Exonian presents its third edition of D-hall recipes, tasty dishes that can be made regardless of what the hot food
  • Life Advice
    Thank you all for staying with us for 24 weeks now. We love checking and finding questions from you.
    “How to Get Away with Murder”  4.5/5 stars If you ever feel lonely and feel like snuggling in your bed and binge wa
  • Designing a Better Future
    Max Kuo does it all: he is an architect, artist, writer, teacher and father. He is the husband of history teacher Hijoo



  • The Purpose of PR
    “Go ahead. Meme me!” tweeted someone on Bill Cosby’s marketing team. Internet users across the nation obli
  • Redefining “American Culture”
    As an Exonian who attends a school that boasts of its diversity, I’m embarrassed to tell people back home that the lar
  • An Unnecessary Risk
    At the end of this coming school year, Principal Tom Hassan and Principal of Trustees Tom Hutton will retire from their
  • Rekindling Interest
    Last week, I went to hear Aimee Nezhukumatathil read from her various works of poetry. We read some of her poems in Engl
  • The Insider vs. the Inside
    There is no fixed Exeter experience because, simply speaking, we all cultivate different relationships and preserve diff
  • “Step Into My Office…”
    As students, my friends and I spent a frankly unhealthy amount of time thinking about free speech at Exeter. We wondered

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