Background International Tea was a hit; Boys' Varsity Basketball faced Cushing Academy; Fisher Theater's mainstage production, "Once On This Island", premiered this weekend.

Breaking: One of two options to change the dress code is approved by Student Council. Share your thoughts »



  • Trendwatch
    Dear fabulous friends, We saw many solid winter looks this week. NYC artist Will Cotton, who has painted Katy Perry (inc
  • White Winter Hymnals
    As the winter slowly draws to a close, you may be struggling to find music to get you through the blizzards and single-d
  • Outing Club
    Several members of Outing Club join in stashing a large pile of snow onto the Academy lawn, which they then tramp down w
  • Life Advice
    Q1: Kids in my dorm are making fun of me for being too “soft.” They think guys shouldn’t show their emotions, and
  • Mainstage Production: “Once on This Island”
    “Once on This Island,” the annual winter mainstage production, made its debut this past Saturday at Fisher Theater.
  • International Tea
    As winter term comes to a close and finals week looms just around the corner, students seek an escape from the stress of



  • On Cyber Warfare
    In the 5th century A.D., Saint Augustine of Hippo authored what would become a cornerstone of Christian philosophy. His
  • Climate Change
    “Where Is The Climate Change?” Scribbled in chalk against the side of the Academy building, this stark message faces
  • Media Trust
    TV news media today is no longer trustworthy, a fact that is both sad and troubling. When comedians such as Jon Stewart
  • American Education
    The pips and quirks of education have long been debated in the United States. In general, constituents from the left hav
  • The Interview
         Many viewers decry the movie “The Interview” as crude and stupid. Following the cyber attack on Sony Picture
  • Changing Tastes
    The first time my sister offered me Greek yogurt I spit it out and refused to eat it. Greek yogurt was far too tart and

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  • Fun Things to do Over Spring Break
    Look at you. You’re in the home stretch! Just over a week until spring break. Here’s a list of things you can try do
  • Winter Term: A Reflection
    Thinking back over this term, I can honestly say that I have no idea what happened. There were two or three weeks in the
  • D-Hall Woes
    There are never enough hamburgers. Grilled cheese sandwiches but no tomato soup. Rock hard (pork) loins that test your t
  • How To Be A Coxswain
    Follow these simple steps. Luis approved. 1.) Shout. Being a coxswain is one of the toughest things there is to be. Acco
  • Stuff That Used to be Cool
    Principal’s Day Bowl Cuts Masculinity Adam Sandler Drive-in Movies Golf Abstinence Dubstep Hygiene Dress code Flappy B
  • Exonian Confessions
    Dear World,        It’s time to come clean. I have been hiding parts of myself from my peers and therefore have be

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