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  • Exeter Welcomes Harry Potter Expert
    As a great way to brighten the dreary winter term days, for the past few weeks, the Academy library has been host to an
  • Trendwatch
    Hello fashion-friendly individuals, This week marked an important transition for The Exonian, a new board and a fresh lo
  • Movie Review: Interstellar
    Renowned director Christopher Nolan captivated audiences worldwide with an odyssey that was, quite literally, out of thi
  • Life Advice
    Well, ladies and gentleman, students and faculty, preplings and seniors, it has come to that time. After 24 long weeks a
  • Super Saltonstall
    Melissa Mischke, two-year advisor of senior Brooks Saltonstall, said that “There is a lot more to Brooks than just
  • Dancing Queen
    loating across the stage with unparalleled grace, senior Yasmine Kaya bows and a crescendo of clapping begins. She is al



This is The Exonian.

The Exonian is the oldest preparatory school newspaper in America. It is run by students at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. Since 1878, it has published news, commentary, and content relevant to the Academy community.


  • Majestic Tips for a Confused Angel
    How to be the Perfect Angel/Secret Santa: Step 1: Satisfy your victim with sustenance. You’re probably dealing with a
  • Twelve Days of Winter Term
    On the twelfth day of this term, my teachers gave to me: Twelve Harkness Warriors Eleven Whining Preps Ten Grill Cookies
  • Meet the Editors!
    AUDREY: Audrey DeGuerrera hails from the toasty city of Minot, North Dakota, and is best described as a peppy three-year
  • Winter Sports
    Winter sport tryouts are coming up, and luckily for you, the humor page knows exactly what sport is right for you!  
  • Stratford Style Guide: Part VI
    Readers, brace yourselves. This is thestratfordstyleguide’s final issue. We know what you’re thinking: where will I
  • Fall Term: A Reflection
    With the arrival of hopeful preps, sweaty teenagers, and hand-foot-mouth, I had no doubts that this term would be great.

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