Background Boys' cross country dominated NMH in a 42-20 win last Saturday, extending their legendary four-year streak to 24 victories.

Music Center to See Needed Expansion

The Academy’s Forrestal-Bowld Music Center is currently in the design portion of a project involving much-needed renovation. There is a plan in place to ultimately replace the Fisher Theater and to build a dance studio for the school; however, the first step is expanding the music center. The renovation project must first fundraise and receive approval from the Trustees. Once these requirements

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Rex Bone, Lily Hicks, Heather Nelson



  • Portrait of the Artist
    From September 6 to October 18, the Lamont Art Gallery featured the exhibit Self Made, an artistic exploration of identi
  • Life Advice
    Unfortunately, my dear friend Yusuke is out sick today. Hopefully he went out like he should have, some hot tea in the O
  • trendwatch
    Hello fashion enthusiasts and recipients of this newspaper, Although the rain is abundant and temperatures continue to d
  • Family Weekend Quotebox
    “We got lost in Boston because we are from the West Coast and these tiny streets are confusing.” -Antigone C
  • Club Feature: Ethics Forum
    Ethics Bowl Question: There is a runaway trolley barreling down the railway tracks. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five
  • Drama King
    Whether acting on stage, playing football with his team or leading his dorm as a proctor, Jad Seligman remains committed



  • Closer Than It Seems
    During the week of September 19th, several upperclassmen of the Sayreville War Memorial high school football team pinned
  • A Similar Successor (Letter to the Editor)
    As Exeter alumni, we appreciate the opportunity to engage students in the current discussions on campus about Principal
  • Stop Hating, Start Campaigning
    Enjoying my burrito at Las Olas Taqueria this family weekend, I looked up at the silent TV monitor blasting four words:
  • On Civil Disobedience
    The Keene Pumpkin Festival takes place every year during the cool days of October. Held in the town of Keene, NH, it oft
  • Intellectual Freedom
    On October 9, Nicole Stork ’18 asserted in an article in The Exonian that there isn’t much intellectual free
  • Parents Weekend in Review
    This weekend, the Academy enjoyed yet another successful family weekend—interactive and engaging classes, tasty food,

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  • Spark Notes
    Late to class and you haven’t done your English homework? Too tired from waking up at 5 in the morning every single da
  • The Stratford Style Guide: Issue iv, Volume I
    As Godney once said, “You always have to bring the new, something new and fresh and that’s what I did. Everythin
  • Pros and Cons of Family Weekend
    Pro: Getting to see your family. Con: Oh god, now that they’re gone you feel so alone! Ahh!   Pro: Getting to eat
  • Fifty Reasons to Go to EP with Me
    1. Take one for the team. 2. I have a plethora of Spanish pickup lines memorized. 3. You are guaranteed an awkward hug.
  • A Family Weekend Confession
    Oh, how you are in trouble. The first day of parent’s weekend is tomorrow, and I sure hope you’re ready. Regardless,
  • Mr. Hassan’s Bucket List
    In a recent interview with Exonian humor, principal Hassan shared with us his bucket list, the things he wants to get ac