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  • Life Advice: Girl Help 101
    Q1: “So I’m obviously new here, and i have absolutely zero experience with girls. How do I ask a girl out here?
  • Proctors Reflect on First Week
    Related writing: Proctors Reflect on First Week Proctors to be Decided Soon Artist of the Week: Abstract Ashley Survivin
  • Proctors Reflect on First Week
    AMEN– “For any preps or new students having a hard time adjusting to the stressful atmosphere Exeter comes with, giv
  • Cinema Sharks: Palo Alto
    In early June, we were lucky enough to have Gia Coppola, Los Angeles native and member of the famed Coppola film family,
  • Ice Ice Baby
    This past week Principal Hassan and the members of Exeter’s College Counseling Office participated in the ALS Ice
  • A Beautiful Mind
    It is difficult to stay humble when you are one of the best high school mathematicians in the world, not to mention a sc



  • Urging Developed Nations
    In West Africa, far fewer people are willing to shake hands with others and many more are reluctant to enter public area
  • Publicly Private
    On August 31, 2014, hundreds of nude photographs of famous celebrities started showing up on websites such as 4chan, Img
  • From Dances to Discussion
    It’s something that has happened to a lot of girls: a guy that you’ve never met comes up from behind, grabs your bod
  • The Neglect of American Society
    On August 9, Darren Wilson, a white police officer of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department, shot and killed an unarm
  • Fearing Opinions: An Opinions Editorial
    At Exeter, we share many of our opinions each and every day—from Harkness tables to those in the dining hall and in ou
  • “What’s Wrong With Us?”
    Another year, another war in Gaza. As with every renewed cycle of violence in the Holy Land, Exonians took to social med

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  • Outbreak of Senioritis
    Earlier in the summer, Principal Hassan announced that his long epoch at Exeter will soon come to an end. As seniors, we
  • Exeter’s Fancy
    Editor’s Note: This is a parody of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” and as such, should be read with the m
  • A Lamentation of Rejection
    So I walk into dhall. Everything’s new. New lights, new stations, new bowls, new kids.It’s Saturday, and Wetherell
  • A Letter From a Far Away Land
    My dearest fans of the Humor Page, For those of you who don’t know because you don’t  follow me on Instagram, I’m
  • Being a Prep
    First off, I know what you’re thinking. A prep writing for the humor section? Oh my goodness! Emily, take it down a no
  • The Lexicon
    isten up preps: this is for you. Prep Fall, for me, brings back dark memories of ethernet cables, strict lights out, and

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