Background Boys' cross country dominated NMH in a 42-20 win, extending their legendary four-year streak to 24 victories.

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  • The Boarders’ Report
    Have you ever wondered what other prep schools are like? Perhaps what your life would be like if you had chosen Andover?
    Q1: So I was strolling along, minding my own business. It’s Tuesday at 3:00 in the afternoon and I’m done with class
  • trendwatch
    Happy Thursday Exeter! Although the rains continued this week, we still saw some solid looks on campus. Michelle Ysrael
  • Jeanne Olivier: La Vie de Jeanne
    Jeanne Olivier came to Exeter prepared. Over the summer before her arrival, she had coordinated with Laurie Loosigian, t
  • Club Feature: La Alianza Latina
    A group of people slouch back on couches surrounding a wooden table, black domino tiles scattered across. Besides the on
  • Spooky Movie: DEAD WITHIN
    Dead Within, released in late August this year, depicts a classic American zombie apocalypse initiated through a devasta



  • The Role of Vision
    For centuries, Phillips Exeter Academy has stood at the pinnacle of education standards around the world. Students flock
  • Disrespect at Exeter
    E-Format English starts for me at a drowsy point in the day—right after lunch, after a morning of classes and as the d
  • Carry That Weight
    On April 18, 2013, Emma Sulkowicz of Columbia University reported to her campus administration that she was sexually ass
  • Promote Conversation, Not Intimidation
    This week, The Exonian published a news analysis about Academy administrators who have engaged members of the community
  • Our Life in Their Hands?
    In the last few weeks, it has been nigh on impossible to turn on the TV or try to browse Reddit without seeing multiple
  • On Police Brutality
    On August 9, 2014, an unarmed man was shot six times in the town of Ferguson, Missouri. The shooting gained national att

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  • Pick Exeter
    Some mistaken prospective Exonians make the horrible choice of choosing Phillips Andover over PEA. We at the Humor Page
  • Departmental Fantasy Football
    They say that nine out of ten people know someone that has been involved in or affected by fantasy football. While some
  • A Halloween Costume Guide for the Unique Exonian
    Choosing a Halloween costume can be tricky, and with Halloween Assembly right around the corner, you need to make up you
  • California Girl
    When people ask me where I’m from, I say, “LA.”  I assume people know that Los Angeles is located in California,
  • Spark Notes
    Late to class and you haven’t done your English homework? Too tired from waking up at 5 in the morning every single da
  • The Stratford Style Guide: Issue iv, Volume I
    As Godney once said, “You always have to bring the new, something new and fresh and that’s what I did. Everythin