Background "A Portrait of Collecting" exhibit opens at the Lamont Gallery; BV Basketball faces Choate.



    Q1: So midterms just came out… I was pretty disappointed by them. I’m a senior and I’ve already gotten accepted in
  • trendwatch
    Dearest fashion enthusiasts, It was the best of times and the worst of times this week. Beginning with such a warm Monda
  • Maasai Adventures
    Upper David Shepley spent two months of this past summer in a remote campsite in Tanzania with an organization called th
  • EJC Celebrates Community
    Every Friday night at 6:00, students from the Exeter community gather around the dining table in the basement of Phillip
  • Whiplash Movie Review
    Coming out of the Sundance Film Festival with the Grand Jury Award and the Audience Award is no easy task. This is why i
  • The Art of Collecting
    From toys to paint-by-numbers, vintage radios to pop art prints one button collections to cherished dresses, the Lamont



  • On Fluff
    Tuesday night was filled with fluff. The president delivered his State of the Union address and five Republicans gave th
  • Ferguson and Awareness
    In December, on the the Friday before break, I sat in Agora after attending an ALES meeting. Beside me, two friends of m
  • The Politics of Climate Change
    Even with all the environmental action that has taken place, it’s already too late. But in recent months, it seems tha
  • America’s Narrative
    When I sat down in Assembly Hall Friday afternoon, I did not realize how important Bryan Stevenson’s messages would be
  • Disagreement in Good Will
    On MLK Day my upper year, Kenji Yoshino delivered the most highly-regarded keynote address during my time at Exeter. In
  • Stop Solitary Confinement
    Recently, a New York prison eliminated the use of solitary confinement for inmates under the age of 21. This is consider

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