Background Boys' cross country dominated NMH in a 42-20 win last Saturday, extending their legendary four-year streak to 24 victories.



  • Hassan Premiere League
    A player in bright blue blazes by his opponent, dribbling the soccer ball towards the goal. Five steps later, he sweeps
  • Life Advice: Family Weekend
    After spending two months at Exeter for the new school year, Exonians are welcomed by Parents Weekend. It falls at a tim
  • A Bosnian Journey
    Its 9:50 on a Wednesday morning. Religion teacher Thomas Simpson stands at the podium of the church, listening to his Bo
  • Trendwatch
    Hello fashion-inclined friends, This week in the real world, contemporary denim brand ACNE, broke into the lingerie scen
  • Drew Goydan: Daring to be Drew
    Whether out on the field with the varsity lacrosse team, dominating in a Mock Trial tournament or volunteering for Relay
  • Trendwatch
    Hello Friends, We hope you all had a nice no-class-Wednesday! Even though this week has been a bit rainy and cloudy, we



  • To Keep Listening
    Though they have been slightly more common as of late, standing ovations after assemblies are usually rare. Generally sp
  • A Changing PEA
    Coming in as preps during the 2013-2014 school year, we were told that we got the better bargain. What was the norm for
  • Goodness Beyond Exeter
    With Wednesday classes cancelled last week for a school planning session, two assemblies attempting to bring out the opi
  • A Second Search? Considering a Vice Principal
    At the end of the 2014-15 school year, Principal Hassan will step down from his position at the Academy. With the search
  • Careful Consideration
    Non sibi. Every Exonian is familiar with the school motto meaning “not for oneself.” As amiably peaceable, a
  • Maintaining Equity
    As the Academy’s quest for the next principal continues, the principal search committee has been dutifully gathering s

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  • A Family Weekend Confession
    Oh, how you are in trouble. The first day of parent’s weekend is tomorrow, and I sure hope you’re ready. Regardless,
  • Mr. Hassan’s Bucket List
    In a recent interview with Exonian humor, principal Hassan shared with us his bucket list, the things he wants to get ac
  • The Stratford Style Guide: Issue iii, Volume I
    Saations, fashion lovers! We’re sorry for the absence last week, as we were busy traveling and “doing work&#
  • Preparing for Parents
    Family Weekend is coming up, and you are terrified. You get to see your relatives, but that also means that your relativ
  • A Humor Horoscope
    Looking for love advice? Well I have good news. As the Humor Page’s certified Staff Astrologist, I’ve consul
  • What is Goodness?
    The proctors in your dorm only give the preps 7’s on the weekdays. Prep fall is pass/fail. You choose not to physicall